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Walsh Clients                                 1/8/2017

RE:   Seasonal Concepts Welcome Letter


First and foremost – thank you to Jeff Dumas and Walsh Maintenance for giving us this opportunity to serve you.   My name is Tony Sindt --  I am the owner/CEO  of Seasonal Concepts, Inc.  I quickly wanted to give you a quick intro to Seasonal Concepts and our family.   I am hopeful to meet some of you soon to discuss our service opportunities for the up and coming season.   

Just a quick backstory --  Growing up on a family farm in Western Iowa instilled many things in me.    A strong work ethic and the love all things outdoors  has continued to be the motivating factors for what we do at Seasonal Concepts.    I met current Walsh owner, Mr. Jim Schwantz, who was a guest in our Horticulture program at Iowa State over 20 years ago, and after college set sail for the big city to work for his company.    I always had a dream to own my own business, wherever that may be.    That dream became a reality a few years later.  In 1999, my current business partner and I both went “all in” with Seasonal Concepts and incorporated the company here in suburban Illinois.   We have been located at our facility in Bloomingdale and serve the entire Chicago Metro area..   For 17 plus years, I have maintained, connected, and reconnected with many of the same people I had worked with or for and have continue to enhance our incredible relationships.   We hope to continue building upon that in 2017 and beyond.    

Seasonal Concepts has come a long way since our early years.   I am proud to say we still service the very first maintenance contract we signed in 1999.   Our best marketing comes from the clients we service.   Those benchmarks are measured by how many referrals we continue to receive, year after year.   To continue this success, we have applied a very broad spectrum of custom services to offer and have continued to embrace technology to keep everything as efficient as possible.   From general maintenance, LED lighting, brick work, trees, shrubs, sod or seed –  our scope of work is limited only by an imagination and budget!!  

I am not in this alone – I have had a business partner since our inception.   It not always easy but we realize each others strengths and continue to make this a family business.  Between Russ and I, we have 5 kids – all boys from 3-14 years old – and yes, we even still have the same wives we started with ☺.!!  They have stuck with us all these years and continue to be our driving forces for success.  I’ve always said, what makes us different, make us better.    More on that later!!  

I want to keep this short and to the point and I look forward to connecting with you soon to discuss the upcoming season.   Thank you for taking time out to read this, I really appreciate it .   If you would like to contact us to set up a site visit, please do so here!!  Thanks again, and have a great day.  

Best regards,

Anthony Sindt

630-302-1009 office

630-816-9849 mobile


Welcome to Seasonal Concepts!

We look forward to connecting with you soon!!  If you would like to send an inquiry or to set up an appointment please do so here

We look forward to meeting you in the near future to discuss your properties and the upcoming maintenance season.   Please see below for the team that will be in place for your communications.   We appreciate the opportunity!!   Have a great day.  

Tony Sindt     

630-816 8949 mobile  


Russ Tatar  (VP of Operations)

630-816.9850 mobile            


Vickie Kuebler (CFO/Office manager)